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Branston Pickle Ascot Commission



Earlier this month I was asked by a creative agency to design and make a Branston Pickle themed hat to be worn at Royal Ascot Ladies Day.

To give you a little insight into the processes that are involved in creating such a hat, I took a few snaps along the way.



The agency chose this design out of a selection so I set to work.



I blocked the hat with sinamay and hand carved the jar and pickle structure. 


I then painted the detail onto the jar and pickle. I made sure to paint slight pickle detail and the reflection of the glass jar to increase the realism. It was then varnished. I hand painted some cream duchess satin with a red gingham check to cover the hat base and worked on the slice of bread.    

It was then time to put the structure together, adding a ribbon lettuce and slice of cheese along the way!





This is of course a very simplified version of all the work that created the hat but it was certainly all worth it to hear such wonderful feedback from the creative agency.