The biggest creation to date

  Baby in a Wool Hat  

You may have noticed The Libertarian has been rather quiet for quite some time. Behind the scenes some major changes have been happening and I am about to introduce the biggest to you… his name is Abel.

Back in early autumn 2016 I gave birth to Abel and he’s been filling my days with smiles and mischief ever since. He was born somewhat earlier than expected and at the opposite end of the country to where we had planned! You might say we were a little unprepared for his arrival (completely not prepared one bit) so it took us a while to get back on our feet, but he has grown so quickly and those early days seem like an age ago.

I am sure you will be pleased to read that he does like hats (phew!) and I am looking forward to stitching him some ultra-special dressy-up hats for him to play with now that he is toddling around exploring the world. Ever the art teacher, I have ensured he has his own baby colouring pens, paint, pencils and crayons, with weekly trips to a local toddler art class. I am cunningly thinking of ways to incorporate his work with mine, as Picasso rightly said; “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”. I’m sure he’ll be stitching my brims and steaming my ribbons in no time too.

Over the past year I have still been taking commissions, which I will share with you over the coming weeks, but the other major change to The Libertarian is that we have moved studio. In fact we have moved to a tiny temporary space while the new studio is renovated. For those of you that visited the old studio you will appreciate how much of a huge task it was to move! I have A LOT of equipment, stock and materials, combined with a six month old Abel so the move was more than a little tricky, but my kind cousin (who also happens to be a talented floral wedding specialist and teacher Click Here to see more) helped tremendously with my ever enduring mother and partner. It was also a bit of a struggle to say good bye to the beautiful panoramic views of my old studio. Working amongst the clouds and birds was an absolute luxury, but the new move will certainly be worth it (I’m not giving much away at the moment). We are now based in Darlington and the new studio is scheduled to open in 2018 hopefully in time for the new wedding and race season.

Lastly I am thrilled to announce that I am now engaged so I can enjoy creating some headwear for myself for a change! Although I don’t know how I will ever be able to settle on one style, perhaps I will need five veils for throughout the day (not a bad idea really).