Gatsby 1920s black Feathered Headband Commission

The 1920’s were an exciting time for headwear, they gave us intricate headbands, art deco tiaras and the ever popular closh. It’s no wonder that the glamorisation of the 1920’s wild parties and fun adventures has allowed the era to maintain its opulent influence over fashion today. Literature and film really keep the style of the era alive.  Television and film in particular have kept our love affair alive over the decades with such features as Bonnie and Clyde (1960s), Bugsy Malone (1970s), The Cotton Club (1980’s), House of Eliott (1990’s) (I often find myself wondering what the Eliott sisters would do), Downton Abby (2010), and my particular favourite for authentic 1920’s style and atmosphere: Boardwalk Empire (2010). These titles are just from the top off my head, there are plenty more to fuel our adoration of 1920’s style. Arguably one of the most influential stories responsible for championing the roaring 1920’s style is F. Scott Fitzgerald’sThe Great Gatsby. Originally released in 1925 the first film was made in 1926, followed by 1949, 1974, and 2013 versions. I have no doubt the Great Gatsby will be reproduced in future decades, keeping 1920’s style admiration alive.



The opulent glamour of the Gatsby tale is massively appealing and it is no wonder that it is a fantastic theme for a costume party. I was very excited recently when someone got in touch with me and asked me to design and make a headpiece for her to wear to a Gatsby themed party. She had originally seen the piece that I had made back in 2003 for my own 1920’s costume party (see here), and really wanted a piece that was completely black but still had sparkle. After some initial sketches we decided on a classic black band with feather detail at the front. She had really wanted to add some beaded details at the front to create a ‘princess’ style so I strung a selection of faceted beads (for maximum sparkle!) and draped them across the front of the band. It is worth knowing that my mannequin heads are smaller than a human head so the beads sit just above the eye on a person.


It was also requested that the feather part of the piece could be detachable so that it could be worn separately on other occasions. I love it when customers ask for pieces to have dual functionality. Not only is it a fun challenge for me, but I know that the piece will be worn more and the customer receives more for their investment. For example this piece is essentially three different pieces; it can be worn as a black beaded band alone, as a feather clip or as the complete feather band.   


My customer had mentioned to me initially that she love sparkle and black lace, so I made sure both were incorporated into the design. I used a black applique piece of lace at the front of the feathered part and use as many Swarovski and faceted beads that I could which created a beautiful shimmer of sparkle as the piece moved.  


It was the customer’s preference to have the band elasticated, so I added some beads next to the elastic to echo art deco lines and add some interest to the back of the piece.    


The beauty of using a headpiece to define your costume is that you can wear contemporary clothes and let the headpiece do the talking! In this instance the customer was planning the wear a simple contemporary maxi dress with 1920’s influence, so she was able to wear an intricate headpiece to set the tone of her look.  

I welcome your costume enquiries, afterall a bespoke costume headpiece is true Gatsby style!



Feria Collection Launch

Introducing the new Feria Collection.

Every piece in this new fusion collection has been designed around the concept of ‘Saturday-wear’. Whatever you’re doing on Saturday; a house party, a night club or a dinner party each Feria piece will faithfully give your outfit the edge.

Each piece is season-less so expect to be wearing them all year round from Valentines meals to summer festivals and Christmas parties. New designs wil be added to the collection all year round.  

The Feria Collection (Feria being the Latin word for “free day”), is all about making the most of your fun times at the weekend!

Click on the images below to read more about each piece. 

Above: Velvet Pearl Twist headband with Diamantes 


Above: Velvet diamante Libertarian Bow hairband 


Above: Floral Mohican 


To view the full collection click here>>>

Image credits: Photography: Sarah Raymond Photography, Model: Constance Peach 



Win a Flower Crown Earmuff Luxe Warmer

Above: Photo by Sarah Raymond Photography, Model: Danielle Boucher, MUHA: Pins Petals and Powder  


You can win your very own Flower Crown Earmuffs from the Libertarian Luxe Warmer collection over on Facebook  this week. 

They are super cosy and look pretty fabulous on.

To enter all you have to do is "Like" The Libertarian Millinery Facebook page and "share" the competition photo (it has competition writing on it, you can't miss it) with your facebook friends. You can enter as many times as you like and all entries will go into a hat (vintage black top hat obviously) for the winner to be pulled out at random.

Competition closes at 3pm GMT Friday 4th October 2013

If you like the look of the Earmuffs then you'll find the current Luxe Warmer collection in The Libertarian shop here>>> 

Good Luck!!




SS13: Fresh Work

Paper Cut Flower Salmon Fascinator with orange diamante centre (made with water proof material)

Amongst some exquisite vintage commissions I have been working on recently, I have also been creating some fresh new designs for the spring summer season.

Eager to share these with you I have added some taster images to whet your appetite!

Limited edition silk striped bow.

Hand Painted Leather Parrot Fascinator

Model: Angela Tinkler

More fresh designs to follow and to add to The Libertarian online shop.