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New Years Eve Party Hats

Above: detail of the Queen of hearts party hat. The crown of the mini top hat was in a heart shape and the curled brim was a diamond shape. 


2014 drew to a close with a fun commission for a set of New Years Eve “Mad Hatter” Alice in Wonderland themed party hats. I was given a list of requested topics that fit with the "Mad Hatter" theme, and then I set to work on the most elaborate set of party hats I have made yet!

Each hat was based on a mini top hat, but the structural design differed according to the chosen topic.     




Above: "Eat me" mini top hat with hand made sweets and sugar mouse. 



AboveSquare mini top hat covered in chequered print. The client hat particularly requested a door mouse and eat me sign. 



Above: Mad Hatter themed mini top hat  


Above: Mens white rabbit party hat



Above: Mens "drink me" themed party hat



Above: Mens cheshire cat themed party hat


Above: Mens mad hatter themed party hat





This is William joining in with allthe celebrtions. 




Finally I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2015 is certainly going to be a fun one!!




Mini Party Hats

Last October my mum and Dad celebrated their 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary and had a big dinner party with family and friends. To help the celebrations along I volunteered to make little party hats and crowns for all the guests. Quite a big challenge really in the time scale I had (56 guests in one week), but I managed to pull it off and everyone loved wearing them. Most of the guests took them home to wear on Christmas day!

I stuck to the gold, red and silver colour scheme and made the little hats in a variety of designs.

Highlight from the night was seeing my dad wear a miniature crown all night...

I will be making a rage of luxurious party hats one day soon to go in my online shop.

As always if you would like some bespoke party hats making for a special occasion be it a birthday, a hen night, a wedding or a baby shower please get in touch! (

Me wearing a mini party hat on my birthday last year

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